Here is another poem I wrote during that period where I was battling depression while off medication.  I was writing a lot of poetry at the time, which was a tremendous outlet for me.  I had written some poetry briefly in college, which touched something deep in me.  I have written few poems since then, except for a few bouts here and there, like this batch of poems I’ll likely post.  Feel free to give feedback.  For all I know, I suck.


By Diana Ray

 Where do I find my courage,

my confidence,

to face the unknown?

What is the unknown really?

Scary for some;

a quiet walk to the store

to buy some milk and eggs,

when suddenly the unknown

snatches you and runs.

The typical life you lived

suddenly gone,

as the unknown holds a gun to your head

and makes you walk down a path

you know is not safe.

Then there is the stalker unknown,

the kind you know is there but never see.

It’s presence dropping

threatening hints of proximity,

making you glance over your shoulder all day

or wake up at night drenched in sweat.

Until eventually you call the police

and get a restraining order,

but even that doesn’t help,

as the unknown finds you anyway,

demanding everything you love.

And you grieve for the loss,

because no matter what you did,

you couldn’t keep the unknown away.

But for others the unknown

is a great adventure,

and the unknown is welcome

with open arms.

Life suddenly turns

as the unknown beckons,

its whispers a call it’s time to explore.

Valleys here, caves there,

a meandering of trails

leading any which way.

Trails with names like,

“You’ll Know When You Get There,”


“If I told You, It Would Spoil The Fun,”

with final destinations left any which way.

But it’s on these trails

that miracles occur.

The sighting of a bluebird

as it gathers twigs for its nest,

the witness of a mama bear and her cubs,

as they catch fish in the river.

And the sun is setting

and the sky is drizzled with pink,

and the river is bouncing

and buzzing with all kinds of life,

and it’s all so glorious

you can’t help but catch your breath.

And you have only the unknown to thank

for taking you out of your comfort zone

and shaking things up.

That’s the beauty of the unknown;

what can seem like utter grief

can turn into the most unexpected joy.

Not always easy,

not always fun,

but in the end

if perseverance and not fear

is the trip that you take,

if determination

becomes that beautiful piece

you hang on your wall for all to admire,

then the unknown becomes known.

Different than before,

but with just as much meaning.

Because you had faith

because it was part your creation,

because you let it be known.

Diana Ray (written sometime in 2011)

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