Dedication to Diana

This was the first poem I wrote in this series.  I remember it vividly; I was up late, unable to sleep, my body, mind and spirit utterly bursting with the need to write poetry, but feeling completely static, unsure of where to start.  So I just did.  This poem is a far cry from the original piece I wrote that night, but is that not what transformation is about, allowing change to be in all its glory?  Another thing I’d like to mention is the me from today has been editing all of these poems written by the me from 2 years ago.  Personally, I think they are much better now!

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                                                     Dedication to Diana

By Diana Ray (written in 2011)

Why is it so hard to get the words

from here to there?

They are shouting across a chasm

begging for a rope or a bridge,

anything to take them to the other side

where they can finally come alive,

living, breathing, and dictating a life

that is bursting to be heard.

Then I hear it:

“You can do it,” the voice tells me,


The chasm is deep and wide

and I lose my sense of balance

as I stare into its nothingness.

“Jump,” it tells me again,

“You can do it, don’t look down.”

I shift my line of vision up 90 degrees

the other sides features fuzzy,

but with outlines I can clearly see.

“Jump!” the voice says more firmly, “Do it, Jump!”

There is no guarantee I will make it

no way of knowing if I will land breathing

or made up of bloody pieces,

but the thought of not trying is death.

“Jump!” the voice is now yelling, “Do it now, jump!”

I take a deep breath and close my eyes,

a vision appearing despite my sudden loss of sight,

every ounce of my blood alive

get a running start

and Jump.

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