12/12/13 Update: The Little Yellow School Bus

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The Little Yellow School Bus

A Scrap-Blog of Special Education Memories

12/12/13 Update

This post of mine gets some of the biggest number of hits.  Lots of people are reading, or just checking, although few have given a voice.  I am still firmly committed to providing a space where those of us who parent special needs children can share and support each other stories. Whether you have posted or not, I can still hear you.  Perhaps at some point down the line you will want to share…  In the meantime, I have enough stories and tidbits for both of us.

Diana Ray

On 12/12/13 D. R shared this about her boys:

What are the cosmic odds?  My older son is ADHD and so sensory sensitive, he can hardly tolerate any noises around eating, chewing, swallowing or hearing any human intake of food, breathing sounds/bodily noises in general.  My younger son is very learning disabled and has just been diagnosed with Tourettes…he is making more noises in his throat than I’ve ever heard before, and I’m pretty sure tonight I heard him oinking.  Do I laugh?  Do I cry? Somewhere in the middle?  I just know that if I didn’t have a space to share, my life would be very different.  I still reach out to community every day.  It’s never big enough.

9/10/13  Hello,

I have a started a project called The Little Yellow School Bus, to raise awareness around how we feel toward special needs children around the world.

As a teacher working with ethnically diverse special needs children, I have seen immigrant families come from other countries where the words “special needs; learning differences; special education” don’t exist, where the acceptance of such issues from ones homeland don’t exist.  Shame and isolation can be pervasive in such a setting, with the outcomes of these children questionable.

I am fortunate to live in a part of the United States where I have many resources for my own “special” children, yet my heart continues to break.  Around my younger son its education, and feeling fearful that he will go through school as “different,”  “stupid,” “slow.”  I worry about him making friends and having a positive social experience.

For my older *ADHD+NVLD child, it’s managing his behaviors and lack of social thinking.  There have been long periods of time where he alone wore our family out (and still does).

In my profession I have seen parents realize that their child is anywhere from mildly to profoundly impaired, in any number of developmental areas, many for the first time.  Sometimes they cry, sometimes they don’t.

I have heard stories of inspiration, exhaustion, frustration, grief and joy.  Many of them I have heard directly.

I know it is tough, and I’ve experienced it first-hand.  I can attest to many things: having a 4-year old with serious aggression; needing to spackle holes in the walls/doors because his tantrums were so bad; feeling isolated and alone; being that parent who realizes it’s their kid who has serious delays, and may need extensive support, if he is to succeed in school.

Yet it’s been the extreme challenge of it all, that’s brought me the most growth.

I have had to re-invent myself more than once.  “Re-invent or Bust,” has become my motto.

 If any of this resonates with you, I would love to hear from you.

Share your life with me.  Let us come together, here.

Let us be each other’s source of strength, inspiration, joy, and hope.  Let us listen to each other’s moments of frustration, exhaustion, challenge, and grief.

I will take anything:  the good, the bad and the ugly; the long and the short.   A picture, a poem, pictures of projects by your kids.  A few lines if you just need to vent.  Share what is hard and challenging; share what is amazing and joyful.

Jump right in, I promise I will catch you.

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Peace and Pie,

Diana Ray

*ADHD=Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder

*NVLD=Non Verbal Learning Disorder

Photography By Diana Ray

9/11/13   N.P shared this about his son:

I put my son on the short bus this morning. His autism is mild and he is growing and getting more communicative every day. We’ve got him in special ed preschool in the morning and three hours of one-on-one autism therapy every afternoon at a specialty center (yea for Judson Center). With all of the ways that this is different than my older son, with the fact that he won’t kiss me, but he likes me to kiss him on the head. With all of the little differences, I never would have expected how little I notice it. I knew I’d love all my children equally but I didn’t think I’d just not see something like this on a daily basis.

2 thoughts on “12/12/13 Update: The Little Yellow School Bus

  1. I feel for you, my little brother is ‘retarded’, or called so by everyone we meet, all he has is a speech problem, automatically everyone thinks he doesn’t know anything and that he’s just retarded, he has no friends outside of our family… Here’s the part that outrages me though; He was enrolled at a public school in a Special Ed class, surrounded with actual kids with disabilities and down syndrome, okay, that part’s not TOO bad, this is the part… He had been enrolled since kindergarten and he was getting ready to go into the 3rd grade special ed class (note: all special ed kids, no matter what their age, went to this classroom) and so we were all proud that he’d made it this far, then we noticed that his homework was the same as last year’s homework; they had held him back because they were too lazy to move him up a grade, he is now home schooled.

    • Hi Andrea,
      It’s so great that your brother has someone like you and your family in his life. That must have been shocking to find out about repeating a grade that way. Completely disrespectful to you, your family and your little brother. Not to mention potentially illegal….. How is the home schooling going? Take care, and good luck with things!

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