Sacred Prayer II

photo (46)

This is my first water bowl at the new property, the one that lives with my statue of the Goddess, Kuan Yin.  I made it yesterday, with a mixture of flowers from the old and new garden.

photo (47)

I did a meditation today, in front of this bowl.  The water represents ease and flow; two things I am always chasing in my life.  The flowers are nature and beauty, and are an offering to Kuan Yin.  This is what I proclaimed and heard while meditating:

Help me to know my path and see the truth, and to walk with as much intensity, commitment, and passion as I can muster. 

I felt this from my gut, and was both surprised and pleased that my feelings matched my words, that I was connected, plugged in.

May you know your path and see your truth.  May you walk with intensity, commitment, and passion.  Say it, even if you don’t feel it.  Write it down and bury it in the ground, if a voice is too difficult.

Keep wishing and wanting and trying.

I myself, I am arriving.

Diana Ray

Photography by Diana Ray

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