The Garden That Grew From Within Part IV

photo 1 Look at these plants, they are sooo small.  This is my new garden, or at least the first attempt at it.  A few weeks ago we had walls torn down, plants recycled, an arbor built and soil turned.  The garden is already huge, and it’s not even finished.   I have yet to have my veggie planters built, or build my living wall.  Part of the garden needs drainage work, and has been untouched by plant.  Ground Cover needs to be put everywhere.  Vines need to be grown. photo (49) I can picture it so vividly in my mind; lush and green, peaceful, a reflection of me.  Hummingbirds and butterflies everywhere.  The sounds of our 2 new fountains (can you believe it, they came with the house!) making me feel fluid, freeing, flowing.

photo 3

This sounds so beautiful, and I know it will be.  But the garden is not there, no matter how much I wish it so.  It is not yet lush and green.  The hummingbirds and butterflies have just begun to check me out. More than one plant has broken under the feet of the dogs.  The garden, while beautiful in its micro size, is just a baby.

photo 2

Which means that I too, am in infancy stages.  Here I am, in a new house with a new garden.  I am about to begin a new group, that 13 moons from now, will ordain me as a Priestess.  I will be profoundly different one year from now; I know this in my soul.  My garden will be grown, lush and full of life.

photo 4

Have I emerged from the chrysalis and not seen it?  Am I standing here with wet wings, new to the world, yet with the memory of all that I have lived before?

It sure feels like it.

Diana Ray

Photography by Diana Ray

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