Part of Me

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I feel so much potent energy brewing beneath the surface.  Like the rushing sound of my two garden fountain’s, Cerridwen’s Cauldren hard at work.  Part of it feels epic and life changing, the full knowledge that I have the capacity to plug into my own beautiful, crystalline, grid network.  The rest of me is terrified, feeling completely the challenge that lies between here and there.  Part of me wants to up the ante, to expect more from myself.  This is in stark contrast to the present me who accepts any and every kind of vice.  I give myself over to the Goddess, at my worst and at my best.  I always shoot for the best, even when I’m at my worst.

photo (5)

Diana Ray/April Aronoff

Photography By Diana Ray

3 thoughts on “Part of Me

  1. I feel exactly the same way! I feel like something wonderful and magical is about to happen in my life, and yet I feel afraid. I know I should clear all my channels, and forge ahead in faith, faith in myself and my guides, my Creator, that I can become what I am now mean to be. Yet it is so hard to blindly take the first step. I want someone to hold my hand and go with me, but I don’t think that is the way. Common sense tells me to take it slow, don’t rush, just one small step at a time, I think I can do that. The problem is that I lack the virtue of patience!

    • Don’t be afraid. The universe has something wonderful and magical specifically for you. Dive in, forge a new path, crystallize your alignment with what you know to be true. Shoot for Heaven on Earth (that is my goal), experience ecstasy (another goal). And when you do, share your story with others 🙂

      • Thank you so much for your beautiful words of encouragement and affirmation! Your words hit exactly on what I believe! And I will be sharing it, I will let you know when the book finally comes out and my whole story is out there to help anyone going down a path that is similar to mine.

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