The Lemon Who Learned To Love Himself

This is a children’s poem I wrote 8 years ago.  A good reminder to like yourself just the way you are!


 There once was a lemon

who had no friends,

he lived all alone

on a tree at the end,

of a branch with no leaves

and no twigs and no bark,

never a visitor

alone in the dark.


And he grew kind of small

his skin faded yellow,

dis-tasting his own juice,

“Kind of bland, nothing special.”

Yet all he desired

was to be picked from his branch,

to be squeezed, mixed with others

have a party, do a dance.

And he watched as the other

bigger lemons went for sale,

and he thought, “I should fall!

I’m too small, too pale!”

photo 3 (15)

Until one day he noticed

a nub on his branch,

and it grew and grew

also small, also bland.

And when the newbie looked

at the leafless tree,

he cried, “Where are the lemons?

the birds, the bees?”

And the old lemon sighed

and said with much fuss,

“We are too tasteless,

nobody wants us!”


But the new lemon looked

at himself once again,

and pronounced,

“I like my taste, my skin!

I am quite small

and my flavor without sting,

but that makes me perfect

for all kinds of things!

I’m good for dressing

and salsa

and making lemonade,

and for cutting into wedges

on a hot summers day.

Little kids will love me,

grown-ups will too!

They’ll see me and cry,

that lemon’s for my stew!”


And just at that moment

this new lemon got picked,

and was whisked away

with other lemons with kick.

Despite being small

told, “your inferior food,”

this lemon got picked

for he had attitude!


This made him bigger

and sweeter and brighter than ever,

when you looked at this lemon

you became very clever!”

It didn’t matter he was small

or pale or bland,

he was special on his own,

King Lemon of The Land.

photo 3 (14)

And as the old lemon watched

the new lemon drive away,

he finally decided, “I am ok!”

and got picked the very next day.

April Aronoff/Diana Ray

Photography By Diana Ray

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