Stinky Feet

 I wrote this one 14 years ago.  Pure joy 🙂 

Stinky Feet,

stinky feet,

oh how you have

such stinky feet,

salty, grimy,

mustard tasting,

barbecue burning

stinky feet!


I couldn’t tell

what was that smell?

Like pickled fish

or Aunt Pat’s hair gel.

I looked around

behind chairs and doors,

I can’t believe it-

those feet are yours!

I am shocked

and brought to tears.

Were your feet in mud

for 1,000 years?

They’re slimy, gooey

smell so bad,

my eyes are stinging,

now I’ mad!

Vinegar, ketchup

sauerkraut pew!

Your stinky feet

smell like bad stew.


But perhaps you planned

To have your feet

smell like onions

and old meat.

If that’s true

I want to shout,


I may pass out.

So if you please,

take it from me,

if you want to have friends

that are more than trees,

get a tub,

get some soap,

and wash those feet

so we don’t croak!

April Aronoff/Diana Ray

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