Elixer for Grief, Elixer for Love


This morning was rough.  After spending time yesterday with a very ill friend, I found myself last eve surrounded by grief.  This grief wove its way around my heart and into my sleep, where I slept fitfully and without rest.  I awoke feeling stressed and teary.


I took a walk in the woods and let nature do its magic.  The heaviness of the trees, rocks and plants held me in a cocoon of love and connection with spirit, its moist presence reminding me of the Starfish who appeared in a recent shamanic journey.  The Starfish is an emblem of moving through life with a heightened sense of touch, as they do not see or hear, but merely feel their way through the world.  This is my medicine, my gift for both myself and others.  Through feeling, whether it be pain or joy, healing and transformation can alchemize.


As I took my walk I thought about the ways I am expanding and changing my beloved garden.  I have planted many Roses, with the intention of making my own Rose Essential Oil.  More plantings of Roses are to come.  As I walked, full of grief for my friend and joy for my own ways of stepping into my role as Priestess and Shaman, I realized that Roses are not enough.  I must do more, cultivate more, for the purposes of healing and bringing joy.  Both Jasmine (I have 4) and Lavender (I have 3) will join be joining Rose, in the future of my garden as a generator of sight, smell, healing and touch.


I am excited to share my journey with you as a Scent Priestess who both grows and creates her own oil to use on the Beloveds that cross my path.  I become charged and impassioned just thinking about it!  What began as a walk with grief ended with fervor for the flowers and oils that will be entrusted to my care.  I am truly a witness to my own evolution. 

Blessings 🙂


April Aronoff

Photography by April Aronoff  

7 thoughts on “Elixer for Grief, Elixer for Love

  1. Hello my friend! I have been away for awhile, also because of grief. In the past 6 months I lost 2 of my dearest friends, by their own hand. I have never experienced such loss, anger guilt and pain! Only now do I recognize that this experience is needed for my path. But oh my, the cost is just too high!

    I am thrilled to read about your life with the oils! I want to know how it turns out, making your own! In the past 60 days I have welcomed the oils into my life as step 1 of my future of being a natural and spiritual healer. At this phase I am teaching classes about oils and selling them. This income will pay for my Reiki Master training and aromatherapist training. After that I will open a practice. Meanwhile I use my oils and the rieki I am attuned with to help anyone that I can. I love the earth and her gifts. I love the universal sacred energy. I want everyone who is willing to have access to this powerful wellness and life. I don’t want to lose another to suicide if I xan make a difference! And btw, your flowers are divine!

    • Hi Susan:) How wonderful to hear about your own discovery with essential oils! They are both powerful and healing, and in the right hands, can truly transform a person’s physical, mental and spiritual health. I am sorry about your experiences with suicide..that must have been intense, to say the least. I applaud you in your endeavor to transmute those experiences for others, to help others who may be suffering, to be the healer you know you are. Much peace and love,

    • Have you learned yet in your studies that myrtle essential oil helps uplift grief? I’m sorry for your pain in losing your friends. As a person who fell prey to depression and made suicide attempts, I know that sadly a person only makes that decision when they feel so much pain it’s the only way they know how to end it, or suffers the ill-effects of psychiatric drugs such as xanax and ativan that can increase depression and reduce ones inhibition to violence against themselves and others when used regularly over time. I don’t know if your friends sought help from a doctor, but regardless of what drug profiteers and their advertisements would have people believe, people often do not find relief from anti-depressants and can even find their condition is worsened by the side effects of psychiatric drugs prescribed to help them. There’s an excellent web-site called Mad in America that will give you insight into what your friends were up against. The best help I have found (after taking SSRI anti-depressants such as Zoloft and Paxil and a host of failed others did nothing but turn my depression into a bi-polar condition that’s been even more challenging to contend with) is a natural product first (and still) sold by True Hope, a Canadian company, that has since licensed it to a larger company I buy it from at a lower cost. The product is called EMPowerplusQ96 and there’s a lot of information about its effectiveness on YouTube and Google. I wish I’d had it when all this started years ago. It’s been proven effective for over 80 % of the people who use it for all sorts of brain conditions such as depression, ADHD, autism, bi-polar condition and schizophrenia and consists of only vitamins, minerals and herbs that help the brain regain balance. I would recommend this product to anyone who’s dealing with depression, in case it should come up in the future.

  2. Thanks April for your post about healing from grief. Roses are so wonderful.
    I have also found help from Grief Rituals that Sobonfu Some conducts. Sobonfu.com
    is her website- see if there is one happening near you. She teaches that those who have passed over into spirit are nourished by our grief- crying, shouting- cutting loose while at the grief shrine
    and that we are healed as we express and let it go. I have left those rituals so clean and pure.
    Important to take a bath in salt water to protect yourself afterwards from the “real” actually the fake world and culture that we live in. Sobonfu comes from Africa, the Dagara people in mid Sahara the colonial country of Burkina Faso tries to rule them. The rituals are such a gift and are cleansing deep down. Best wishes and thanks for sharing about your roses. I love mine as well.
    Ellen Greenlaw

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